La Villita on San Antonio Riverwalk and El Mercado (Market Square) in Downtown San Antonio

Client Profile:

The City of San Antonio owns and operates two market operations in the Downtown. La Villita is a collection of historic homes on the Riverwalk that are used by manufacturing based artisans. El Mercado is a Mexican/Latin American based market focused on food and specialty items showcasing the best of this culture. Both facilities needed significant physical improvements. The City wanted to develop self-governing programs for each area so that they could be self-sufficient.


Scope of Work:

• Consumer market research

• Governance review that assessed three models to create self-sustaining business plans

• Marketing strategy

• Capital budget allocation required to update each market before they could transition non-government run facilities

• Operational pro formas



• Community engagement

• Community revitalization

• Placemaking

• Real estate assessment

• Competitive audit

• Consumer insight

• Target profiling and segmentation

• Trend forecasting

• Tenant mix

• Brand evaluation & development

• Customer experience mapping

• Storytelling


Susan McGibbon