Main Street and Corridors, Calgary

Client Profile:

The City of Calgary has invested resources towards intensification of its main street corridors and activity centres. To assist in the redevelopment process, the City needed to be able to ascertain the future retail development potential and how that would be accommodated in these areas. The program assessed retail viability, prioritization based on agreed upon principles, and incentives that bridged the gap between the vision and reality.


Scope of Work:

• Conducted a thorough retail demand forecast for the entire city

• Collected data from a comprehensive retail audit that included geo-coding all retailers on behalf of the City

• Conducted an online survey of consumers to determine expenditure levels, leakage, and the impact of e-commerce on future retail sales opportunities

• Translated the findings for the 24 identified main street and 9 activity centres in the City

• Developed goals and objectives for retail in mixed used developments and through a weighting system prioritized key attributes for their overall success



• Community revitalization

• Economic impact assessment

• Placemaking

• Real estate assessment

• Competitive audit

• Consumer insight

• Target profiling and segmentation

• Trend forecasting

• Tenant mix

• Customer experience mapping


Susan McGibbon