Client Profile:

For 35 years Umbra excelled, despite economic upheaval, technological advances and the Asian manufacturing explosion. The company’s goods are now carried in more than 25,000 stores in 120 countries, both in stand-alone stores and at other retailers. It’s own flagship store, originally launched in 2007, needed it’s own makeover befitting of its modern aesthetic as well as its history. The focus was a shift away from being a pure retail store and creating a stronger brand identity by fostering collaboration, increasing engagement and inspiring creativity.


Scope of Work:

• Market research – shoppers, designers, education community, editorial media, staff

• Competitive audit of the global houseware retail landscape

• Development of a new store concept and strategy – a design hub that includes a shop, showroom and design studio

• Store design, execution and implementation



• Competitive audit

• Consumer insight

• Target profiling and segmentation

• Brand evaluation and development

• Retail reinvention

• Visual merchandising

• Storytelling

Susan McGibbon